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Agro-systems, agrodiversity and genetic resources survey and monitoring


The ISOPlexis Germplasm Bank possesses knowledge and skills in the domain of:

  • Prospection and inventory of agro-biodiversity and genetic resources for food and agriculture;
  • Evaluation of agro-systems, including soil microbionta for assessing the sustainability of the farms;
  • Evaluation of methodologies applied to enrich crop diversity, including CWR and UNS (underutilized and neglected crops);
  • Analysis of eco-geographical diversity for in situ conservation proposes or sampling of genetic resources for ex situ conservation of resources.

We offer the following services:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the agricultural system.
  • Prospecting and inventory of genetic resources.
  • Sampling of resources for conservation.

For more information contact: isoplexis@uma.pt


Plant agronomic trials and varieties pre-breeding and selection


Researchers at the ISOPlexis Germplasm Bank possess knowledge, expertise and technical capacity to perform agronomic trials, according to the norms and standards of the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV).

The team is capable of performing tests and studies on:

  • Varietal characterization, detection and assessment of indicators of tolerance and resistance to environmental factors and production and selection of material for the purpose of pre-breeding;
  • Support in the preparation and application of technical dossiers for obtaining plant breeder's rights;
  • Maintenance of pre-basic seed and propagation of registered varieties;
  • Handling and production of vegetable seeds and propagation material of "certificated" varieties.

We offer the following services:

  • Agronomic trials conducted according to the standards of the UPOV or customer requirements.
  • Testing of productivity.
  • Evaluation of agronomic traits and crop resistances.
  • Collection of data and technical information needed to develop applications or files for protection of varieties.
  • Production and maintenance of propagation material.

For more information contact: isoplexis@uma.pt


Quality control, sanitation and conservation of propagating material


The quality and health of propagation material is a key requirement in agriculture to ensure high value and safety of the products. The ISOPlexis provides services include screening procedures for selection, sanitation, quality and viability analysis, and conservation of crop seeds or propagating material in compliance with the official methods of ISTA.


We also possess the skills and expertise required to perform identification of the species and/or variety of propagation material, to determine material’s purity and detection of mixtures, and to perform fungal and microbial analysis.


We offer the following services:

  • Testing for selection, health, quality and viability of propagation material.
  • Allotment, handling and conservation of propagating material.
  • Maintenance of pre-basic seed and vegetable-based varieties.
  • Analysis of the quality and origin of the seed.

For more information contact: isoplexis@uma.pt


Analysis and evaluation of genetic resources and agricultural products of plant and animal origin


Evaluation of genetic resources and agrifood products for quality improvement or productions add value (valorisation) involves a variety of techniques aimed at detection of the traits and/or markers of quality and/or tolerance.

The team has acquired technical skills needed for technological, agronomic, molecular and biochemical evaluation of the plant feedstocks and final products. To achieve these goals we apply the following strategies and techniques:

  • Agronomic trials with phenotyping and morphometric analysis;
  • Qualitative and quantitative laboratory analysis following the protocols of the AOAC, NIRS, ELISA, protein and amino acid analysis and genotyping with specific molecular markers;
  • Microbiological and virological analysis and diagnostics.

We offer the following services:

  • Development of projects for diversification of agricultural production.
  • Varietal analysis, with evaluation of agronomic and molecular traits (productivity, quality, or resistances) according to the request and customer needs.
  • Evaluation of nutritional and technological parameters of agricultural products of plant or animal origin in accordance with the standards of the Institute of AOAC.
  • Quality control and origin of agricultural feedstocks and products.
  • Detection of toxins in raw agricultural feedstocks and products.
  • Microbiological analysis and virus detection.

For more information contact: isoplexis@uma.pt


Other Services

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