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The ISOPlexis Genebank is a research unit at the University of Madeira, created in 1996 to develop fundamental and/or applied  studies in the field of Genetic Resources and Biotechnology, devoting himself to the study of agro-biodiversity, genetic resources and agrosystems. This Bank is a partner of the FAO genebank network since 2001, and of the "Germobanco", Agriculture Genebank of Macaronesia since 2003.

The Bank is mandated to carry out prospecting, inventoring, conservation, evaluation and exploitation of biological resources, focusing on resources showing economic or agronomic interest, which can be used in regional bioeconomy. Emphasis is given to the study of agricultural and wild genetic resources of agricultural interest.


The ISOPlexis Germobank while University project, still has the task of implementing at the University the policy research and training for the sector, which correspond to the goals of the institution and the region.


The ISOPlexis stores germplasm collections of the most important agricultural resources of the Autonomous Region of Madeira. This germplasm is included in the following collections: base or passive collection for long-term storage (similar function to the Bank of Svalbard, Norway); active collection, for short term deposit (conservation), support for research and agriculture (valorization); breeding of new improved varieties or lines (research and innovation). In addition, the ISOPlexis also stores a support collection for organic farming.



The base and active collections of germplasm follow the established guidelines and protocols of IPGRI (Bioversity International), concerning the collection, creation, handling, documentation, sanitation, characterization, formation and maintenance of germplasm samples. The breeding collection follows the standards of the National Register and the International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants (UPOV).

The Bank also has laboratory areas for research and development. There is also cooperation with the Farmers Association of Madeira and other associate farmers concerning the areas for regeneration and multiplication of the propagating material.


In ISOPlexis, the preservation and use of biological resources is done according to the International Treaty for Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (IT PGRFA) of FAO. ISOPlexis has germplasm exchange protocols for research or development under TAM Agreement (standard material transfer) and develops improvement programs, with the protection of rights according to national and international standards.




Projects R &D

     15 projects (regional, nationals, europeans)


Trainning projects

     9 projects


Advanced trainning

     3 post-docs

     5 PhD's

     11 MSc projects



     20 books

     11 chapters

     59 articles RI, including 3 reviews


Impact factor (IF): 76,7

IF annual (average): 5,5



Germobanco, Banco Agrícola da Macaronésia
Banco nº5: ISOPlexis


Institute code: PTR102
Institute level:
Institute type: Governmental /Autonomous
Acronym: ISOPlexis
Portuguese Network of Germplasm Bank



An Integrated European In Situ Management Work plan: Implementing Genetic Reserves and On Farm Concepts (AEGRO)