Science Museum: Nanotechnology Inventory of Nanotechnology Consumer Products
Sunday, 19 September 2021
Credit: Wojciech Czardybon,MMRG/Madeira University

The Molecular Materials Research Group is part of the CQM - Centro de Química da Madeira (Madeira Chemistry Research Centre), a research unit supported by the Portuguese Research Foundation, FCT, and located in Madeira Island (Portugal).

The group carries out studies of interdisciplinary nature, conducting research on the preparation and characterization (physical, chemical and biological) of new types of molecular materials (namely dendritic(hyperbranched) and polymeric metal-containing systems) with enhanced electronic and biomedical properties.

Our group has expertise in the synthesis and characterization of organometallic materials for optoelectronic applications, electrochemistry of conducting polymers and biomaterials/tissue engineering. We have strong interactions with other research groups abroad and also with others colleagues at CQM, namely in the field of Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry.